The Absurdity of Tanzania’s Cyber Laws

In another ridiculous African decision, the government of Tanzania recently signed into law regulations that , among other things, require bloggers to pay a fee for the right to own, maintain and publish a blog.

Reports the CNN:

It’s not just bloggers affected by the provisions, but online radio stations, online streaming platforms, online forums, social media users and internet cafes.

The “Electronic and Postal Regulations” also requires Internet Cafes to have surveillance cameras, presumably to catch people who make posts on social media that are deemed unsuitable by the government.

The much lauded President Magufuli, at least at the beginning of his term, has revealed his true colors: He’s just another wannabe strongman who cannot take criticism and whose only tool is authoritarianism.

It makes me sad that the people of Tanzania are subjected to such unreasonable and draconian laws at a time when the world is making progress with regards to freedom of expression.

Punishment will also be meted out on those who publish “content that causes annoyance… or leads to public disorder.” All this in an effort to curb “moral decadence”

Honestly you can’t make this up.


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