A Brand New Year

Happy new year everyone. I realise I’m over two weeks late but, as they say, better late than never. Hope you all had a great festive season and drank plenty of beer with family and friends. I did.

Been quite a while since I last wrote anything and in the meantime so much has happened. So much, in fact, that my life- and the lives of millions of Zimbabweans- completely turned around.

The military takeover intervention of November last year that resulted in Mugabe’s “resignation” is without a doubt the most significant political event since 1980. It was so surreal and sudden, so much that I couldn’t even write about it. I just took notes and decided I will reflect on it from a much sober position some time in the future.

Aside from the coup-not-coup life’s been pretty normal, if anything can be normal after the departure of dear old Bob. So that means the usual- disappointments, unmet deadlines, drinks, friends, not finishing projects, drinks, unfinished books, drinks and so forth.

And 2018 promises to be just the same, though there are a couple of big things that will be happening¬† ¬†this year including elections here in Zimbabwe and the World Cup. Also will be interesting to see how the cryptocurrency craze turns out. It’s one of the most important developments since the internet came to us, and it promises to change the world. On that note, yesterday I found this article in the New York Times quite interesting.

Lastly, of course, New Year’s resolutions. And these, as ever, remain more or less the same: Make more money, exercise more , blog more, read more books, drink less beer on weekends, finish projects , learn new things blah blah.

Ladies and gentlemen, to another year of disappointing our parents hehe.

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