On GOT Season 7, Morality and Other Things

Game of Thrones season 7 ended last week and since then we’ve been rightly wondering what to do with our lives until Season 8 begins. And that, if reports are to be believed, is not anytime soon.

Anyway I have written a review of the seventh Season.

It’s on the Techzim website here. Please do check it out.

In other news the craziness in Africa continues, this time in Uganda where the government has reportedly acquired an anti-pornography machine that’ll apparently aid in the fight against pornography. You seriously can’t make this up.

Still on morality, there’s been some noise over whether a South African dancer should attend Zimbabwe’s carnival. The problem is that she reportedly dances without underwear.

The dancer, named Zodwa, has attracted the notice of ministers and the Censorship Board and it remains unclear as to what decisions these eminent persons arrived at. By the way one of the members of the Censorship Board is President Mugabe’s daughter.

With all this foolishness going on the only good thing is that football is back this weekend and that, unless you support Arsenal, is surely great news.

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