So I’m looking for a new phone 

A couple of days ago, at work, I dropped my phone and the screen cracked. Well that’s probably an understatement. The screen shattered, it’s ruined. Surprisingly it still works like it did though it’s now very difficult to read certain parts of the screen.

So I’m in the market for a new phone and I’ve been doing some research about which one to get. Ever since my transition to Android from Windows I’ve been happy with the experience and I will be getting another Android device 

I have a short checklist that I use for selecting my phones: Firstly it should be affordable. Ideally below $200, and at most $250. Like I’ve previously written, the cellphone industry is taking advantage of consumer gullibility to sell them high end phones for upwards of $700 when phones of similar performance can be had for much cheaper.

Secondly I prize good battery life. This is a major irritation with modern mobile which seemingly cannot last through a day of sustained usage. Thirdly the memory should be at least 32 Gig, and at least 2 Gig RAM.

A good camera and solid build are added considerations, as well as physical size- I prefer 5.5 inches.

Using my criteria there are only a handful of phones I can possibly buy, and I narrowed the list to three: The Motorola G5 Plus, the Lenovo P2 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Pro.

The disadvantage with all these phones is that they are not locally available. The Xiaomi is the cheapest and offers some pretty solid build quality and great specs. However its customized software is the least reputable of the lot.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

On the other hand the Motorola G5 Plus offers a clean Android experience without any addons. This means I get, out of the box, the best and unadulterated Android. It is Android as it’s meant to be, so to speak. It’s also a natural successor to my old phone, which brings in another issue of familiarity. Its main con is that I hear it is no longer waterproof, unlike the G3 that I had.
Lastly the Lenovo P2, which I discovered by Googling. It offers the best battery ever in a smartphone, according to reviews. This is a big plus in its favour. The biggest challenge is that it is being sold by one carrier in the UK and is also the most expensive of these three phones.

So obviously all these three phones satisfy my main requirements to almost the same level. The Motorola gives the best software experience, the Lenovo the best battery life, while the Xiaomi is well made and has a cool fingerprint sensor conveniently located. It’s also very affordable.

If they were all locally available I would probably just go and pick the Xiaomi because, aside from the build quality, the battery is also great and it’s the cheapest. 

I’m still leaning towards the Xiaomi but I’ll probably end up buying the one that I can get fastest and easiest.
Expect a review soon.